Smoking is bad.

By. Erick 2.7.5.

It can hurt you.

Chronic kidney disease, leading to a failure of the kidneys.

I won't waste word limit on bad breath; there's cancers of the lip, tongue, mouth, throat. Much before that, your yellowing teeth might get loose due to receding gums.

The chemicals in your cigarette damage the supply of oxygen to your lungs.

You'll wrinkle faster, your teeth will yellow, you'll lose hair faster all in your mid-thirties.

you can stop.

If you smoke and cant stop you can just buy a electronic cigarette and just smoke that and it dosent hurt your lungs or nothing. or you can tell a doctor and they will help you whit it but you have to want to quit.

How does smoking cause cancer?

Tobacco smoke contains more than 70 different substances that are thought to cause cancer. When you inhale smoke, these chemicals enter your lungs and spread around the rest of your body.