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Friday, May 20, 2016

Pacific Northwest Tribes

At the start of the month, our class finished up researching tribes in the Pacific Northwest. They completed Research Roadmap Packets, where they complied notes and sources on an assigned tribe and topic. From these notes, students created and published paragraphs on Google Doc which they shared with me. Since all work and paragraph writing was done independently, students were graded only for their portion of the project. After grading both packets and paragraphs I have been able to publish the students' work as accessible online "flipbooks". Only students' first names were noted on the title pages. Ask your child which tribe they researched, and you can access their book though the links below.

Upcoming Dates To Remember:

  • Monday, May 23rd--Grade 3 Talent Show Tryouts
  • Wednesday, May 25th-Field Trip to The Museum of Natural Sciences--brown bag lunch, arrive to school ON TIME...buses cannot wait for late arrivals
  • Friday, May 27th, Fly, Eagle Fly Reading and Spelling skills checks
  • Friday, June 3rd, Olympic Day
  • Monday, June 6th Talent Show
  • Tuesday, June 7th "Move Up Day"
  • Wednesday, June 8th, Grade 3 class picnic (more information on this will be coming)
  • Thursday, June 9th Grade 3 Picnic Rain-date
  • Monday, June 13th Students Awards Assembly, 9:30-10:30
  • Tuesday, June 14th Last Student Day-- (early dismissal)

Life Cycles

Our organisms have REALLY been changing. Our young scientists have been taking great notes and observations. Our caterpillars, (the larva stage of the life cycle for our Painted Ladies) are beginning to go into their chrysalises. This is so exciting! Below Mrs. Petroski was able to get a great picture of our lived a full 13 days...a record for Seylar! I am asking that you send in a baby photo of your son/daughter in an envelope with their name on it. I will be making a special Goggle Slide, where we will guess our classmates--going along with our concept of "changing organisms". You will get your photo returned.
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Book Swap

Mrs. Mulloy is running a book swap. running a Book Swap


Donate books during the Month of May, 2016

Swap will take place the week of June 6.


Students can bring the books to the Seylar library.


All students and staff can donate books.

All Seylar students will receive at least one book.

What are we looking for?

Gently used books

Age appropriate books

What do we not want?

Preschool books, adult books, damaged books or books with mature themes.

Please contact Mrs. Mulloy with questions.

Field Trip

Our Filed trip to Drexel's Museum of Natural Sciences is this Wednesday, May 25th. The forecast looks wonderful for the trip. Many thanks to Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Natitus, Mr. Rabuck, and Mrs. Zartman who are going along on our trip on Wednesday. We ask for your help in seeing that your child is to Seylar on time, by 8:50. We will be unable to hold the buses to wait for late arrivals. We are also asking that you send your child with a bagged, disposable lunch, with NO glass, please. Although there is a gift show, we will not have time to go in, so please do not send money with your child. Electronics will be allowed, however, they will be fully your child's responsibility. We will have a parent photographer along, so there is no need for cameras to be brought along. Thank you for your help! :)