Kansas City Pet Project

Kansas City, MO's Animal Shelter

Are you in need of a designer breed pet, or does your current pet want some new bling? Either way, come on down to the Kansas City Pet Project!

Currently, we have two locations: the first is 4400 Raytown Road. This is our main shelter. Here, we have over 200 homeless animals, We also have play groups, a program focused on dog enrichment and socialization.

The second location is in Zona Rosa. This is where we place some of the more-adoptable cats and dogs. We also sell dog and cat products, such as toys, beds, and food. All costs fund medicine, food, staff and bills. It is across from Dillards.

Would you like to help a ton of animals per day? Volunteer! Attend one of our many orientations to begin your journey! Walk dogs, foster, cuddle pups and more with KCPP!