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#ChennaiFloods #SaveChennai

What is happening now ?

Chennai is the capital of TamilNadu, a state in India. Chennai, which has 4.3 million residents, is reeling under the worst flood in the last 100 years India has ever faced. This city being one of the safest cities in India for its citizens, is now being torn apart by these floods.

Solidarity for the Flood victims of Chennai

We the Indian students of Berlin would like to do our part to show our solidarity to the people of Chennai who are reeling under unprecedented floods. Many parts of the city need help and the people of Chennai have taken it upon themselves to save the city. As responsible citizens of the world, we urge you to do what ever help you can to save the city that is drowning.

#ChennaiFloods #ChennaiRains #SaveChennai

Contact Us

Indo-German Disaster Relief Funds

Contact person : Giritharan

Indians across the globe pressing their solidarity.

We are students across Germany joining hands to help the people. We have a facebook page, Indo-German Disaster Relief Funds and we are pooling people power and monetary power from all students and professionals across Germany.

If you would like to help, please contact us.

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