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February Students of the Month are Caring

The Milan Elementary School Student of the Month theme for February was “Caring” and focused on students who exhibited compassion for others and were thoughtful, helpful and sensitive to the needs of those around them.

Chosen as outstanding examples of this very desirable character trait were:

Kindergarten: Cassidy Derico, Riley Deaton, Josh Caylor, Zackery Hartman.

First Grade: Naomi Holt, Riley Crain, Kiera Havlin.

Second Grade: Brianna Hatfield, Dara Morton, Allison Williams, Ruby Brown.

Third Grade: Markiesha Lillard, Serena Cobble, Dalton Wuest, Sophia Cobble.

Fourth Grade: Olivia Deaton, Makalee Rivera, Kyleigh Bledsoe, Maddie Negron.

Fifth Grade: Cami Prather, Rachel Henson, Bradley Cooke.

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March Students of the Month are Good Citizens!

During the month of March, teachers were watching for students who exemplify what it means to be a “Good Citizen” at MES; those who respect others and their property, are helpful and considerate, and work hard every day to make our school a better place.

Chosen as outstandingly good citizens were:

Kindergarten: Alexis Bishop, Elias Welch, Ariana Stevens, Kayleigh McIntosh.

First Grade: Lucy Cipriani, Zane Richardson, Kloee Callahan.

Second Grade: Grace Bedel, Hailey Pippin, Maya Horton, Waylon Palmer.

Third Grade: Emersen King, Brielle Bentley, Landon Weaver. Kaleb Wilburn.

Fourth Grade: Grace Bruce, Kayla Walke, Parley Hartwell, Kaitlyn Carpenter.

Fifth Grade: Holden Acra, Brooke Berg-Freytag, Matt Davis, Ellie Holt.

Hoosier Reader's Online Book Site - Free Online Books for You and Your Family!

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz has arranged for Indiana children, families, and educators to have free access to thousands of online books in 2016 through the myON Digital Library. Those who read these online books will also be contributing to the statewide goal of reading 200,000 books to celebrate Indiana’s Bicentennial in December 2016.

In the past, this wonderful opportunity has been offered to Indiana students during the summer only. Last summer, more than 45,000 books were read using myON.

Books are available online anytime, anywhere there is access to an Internet connection, 24x7. There’s no limit to the number of students who can read the same book at the same time on myON. Up to 20 titles for offline reading can be downloaded using free mobile apps for iPad and Android tablets.

The collection includes:

  • More than 4,000 digital books ranging from illustrated and picture books to chapter books, graphic novels, literary non-fiction, photo and informational texts spanning multiple eras and cultures.
  • The books are 70% nonfiction, 10% Spanish or dual language and 20% Hi-Lo titles, and the selection is continually growing.
  • A wide range of titles and topics provides varying levels of text complexity and support close reading in a range of genres and content areas, including history/social studies, science and technical works.

To access the library:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the School Name: Hoosier Family of Readers (The School Name will automatically populate as you type)
  3. Enter the username read and password read.
  4. Click the green Sign In button.
  5. Begin Reading!
  6. Click on "All Books" to browse through the entire myON Library.

Enjoy reading with your child this summer!

Quarter 3 Honor Roll

Grade 3: Savanna Guinn*, Emersen King, Zoey Meyer, Kate Prifogle, Landon Saylor*, Dakota Seale, Shelby Williams, Taytum Barker, Lucy Riehle, Rose Steigerwald*, Alexa Yeomans, Stacy Davidson, Luke Drew*, Ethan Gerster, Alex Getz, Grace King, Tristen Koehmstedt, Natalie Prather, Emma Rohrig, Amelia Starkey, Nathan Voss*, Blaine Ward*, Jordayn Dunn, Anna Herzog*, Sammy Hornberger, Krystal Huff*, Jeremy Jackson, Autumn Rohrig, Jackson Voss*.

Grade 4: Caden Baker, Reece French, Parley Hartwell*, Margot Keller*, Morgan Lawrence, Collin O'Brien, Hunter Scudder, Hannah Wells*, Grace Bruce, Olivia Deaton, Alex Eckstein, Jaleigh Haffey, Rachel Holt*, Kelly Honeycutt, Carson Hughes*, Ayden Potts, Emma Rapier, Giovanni Reese, Brad Drew*, Chloe Hunter*, Mason Johnson, Ellana Jutzi, Aiden McFarland, Braydon Prather, Makalee Rivera, Riley Schwipps*, Dylan Thomas, Kayla Walke, Kaitlyn Carpenter, Cameron Heinrich, Jacob Helton, Ava Honnert, Ellie Knecht*, Trenton Langferman, Sarah Lillis, Maddix Negron, Alyssa Phelps, Rylee Pires, Trevor Schebler.

Grade 5: Holden Acra, Blake Dell, Autumn Eckstein, Austin Kennedy, Nariah Mathews*, Abby Moore, Cami Prather, Nolan Ryan, Maddison Smith, Brady Werner, Taylor Williamson*, Jocelyn Allen, Brooke Berg-Freytag, Ariel Haessig*, Eleanor Honnert, Laurinzie Taylor, Karsyn Bode, Madison Cavins, Bradley Cooke*, Josie Havlin, Brooke Hoffman, McKenzie Seale, Parker Sutherlin.

*denotes all A's!

MES School-wide Bucket Filling Program

Our 5th grade "Chieftains" group, under the guidance of our counselor, Mrs. Schwering, has created a program to motivate and encourage good behavior for our students during these last few weeks of school and to remind them always to make good choices and to be kind. We thank them for helping us remember the importance of showing TeRRiFiC'C' Character and making a positive difference at MES!

Here's how the program works:

  • Each classroom has a bucket for collecting the students' tickets.
  • Staff members will recognize students who are "caught" being kind, making good choices, using good manners, or being responsible or respectful by giving them a Bucket Filler ticket to put in their classroom bucket.
  • Staff members will be watching for good choices every where including on the bus.
  • Each Friday, the classroom teacher will draw one name from the bucket and the names will be announced at the end of the day.
  • Students whose names are drawn will receive a Bucket Filler wristband.

Some Photos from our MES Scrapbook:




We still have some Pre-School openings. Children must be 4 years old by August 1. Call school right away if you're interested in this opportunity for your child.


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Important Dates:

April 14: Spring Music Programs. Kindergarten at 6:00 p.m.; Grade 1 at 7:00 p.m.;

Show Choir at 8:00 p.m.

April 15: Grade 5 field trip to Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum.

April 16: PTO "Splash & Dash" Triathlon.

April 18: Mobile Dentists visit. Our School Board meets.

April 20: Our MES News Crew visits Sheree Paolello at Channel 5 News station.

April 21: Mid-Term Reports issued; Grade 3 field trip to Cincinnati Reds Museum.

April 22: Grade 5 Immunization Clinic.

April 25: ISTEP+ Testing begins.

May 3: Teacher Appreciation Day.

May 5: Grade 4 field trip to Farmer's Retreat Historic Schoolhouse.

May 6: Grade 2 field trip to Krohn Conservatory.

May 9: Spring Book Fair.

May 11: National School Nurse Day.

May 13: Grade 2 participates in county-wide Farm Fit Program.

May 14: Girls on the Run 5K.

May 17: Grade 4 Wax Museum; Making Strides Against Cancer Walk

May 18: Awards Day! K=9:30, G1=8:30, G2=9:00, G3=10:00, G4=10:30, G5=11:30.

May 19: Swim Races: Grade 3 at 9:00 a.m. and Grade 2 at 12:45 p.m.

May 20: Swim Races: Grade 4 at 9:00 a.m. and Grade 1 at 12:45 p.m.

May 23: Swim Race: Grade 5 at 9:00 a.m.

May 24: Last Student Day! PTO Cookout and Carnival.