Study Unit Wheels

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Dear Parents,

First of all we would like to thank you for attending our Mes de la Patria Presentation. Our children did an amazing job and it was a huge success. We hope you truly enjoyed the show!

Our classes are full of wheel discussions and observations, as our students are investigating how wheels are all around us and we use them every day. The children have been keen observers and have pointed out what things have wheels. They have been comparing and contrasting them and asking themselves questions about how wheels are necessary and how they help us. We have managed to make some connections with our community helpers and the types of vehicles and tools they may use that have wheels. Our discussions have centered around how they help us move from place to place and how distance and number of people may influence the vehicle we may need. They have also noticed how moving heavy loads may require some wheels to help do the work faster, or easier. In addition to work, wheels can be used to have fun as we play with our toy cars, ride bikes and go on a Ferris wheel.

During our class activities we have used toy cars and manipulatives to help reinforce counting, sorting and comparing. Children have used wheels to stamp, roll and print with a variety of classroom tools such as rolling pins, pizza cutters, car wheels, lids etc. In block center the children explored with wheels and ramps trying to figure out what types of lids and other wheel like objects could roll down. Our students also took a moment to make graphic representations of objects with wheels, especially their favorite ones. We continue to explore new vocabulary related to our wheel study and during this time we review many of the letters sounds in these words in order to reinforce the knowledge of the alphabet.


Classifies objects

make patterns

Uses numbers and counting


Observes objects and events with curiosity

Makes believe with objects



Cars, trucks, buses,

airplanes,bicycles,tricycles,unicycles,four-wheelers,wagons,wheelbarrows, motorcycles, skateboards, trains, roller skates, scooters, pizza cutters, training wheels, Ferris wheels, fire trucks, wheel chairs, carriages, strollers, carts, steering wheels, shopping carts, abdominal wheels, waterwheels, potter’s wheel, rollers, paddle wheels, pin wheels, pulleys, propellers, cogged wheels, wheels of fortune, spinning wheels, captain’s wheels, gears, castors, color wheels

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During small groups and choice time- Learning about patterns!

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Dec 4th PTA Holiday Shop 8:00a.m - 2:30 p.m

No school Dec 8th

Mother's Day Show -December 11th at 10:00 a.m.

End of the year celebration December 16th

FANLYC toys Sunday, December 13th from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Holiday Concert Dec 9th ( from k to 5th grade)

Mother's Day

YOU ARE INVITED on Friday, December 11th , 2015 to our classroom for a special presentation to honor you! Please join us at 10:00 in our classroom. It is something really short and sweet we have prepared for all of you.

You don't have to bring nothing else but yourself :)! We do want to start at 10:00, so please make sure you come on time,.

Dec 4th PTA Holiday Shop

Next Friday December 4th PTA will be holding our annual Holiday Gift Shop in the High School Gymnasium. There will be a variety of arts and crafts as well as food that will be sold. It will be jammed packed with parents, staff members, and students so we would like to invite you all to take your child that day to shop around. PK is invited to go at 7:45 am and stay until you are done with your shopping. If your are unable to make it, please send your child with $5-6 just in case they see anything they would like to buy.

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