Miranda McLain's Clogging Studio


I am opening a clogging studio. Come to my open house! I will Explain what clogging is, and how much tuition is. I am ready to answer any questions you have. If you are signing up your kid their will be discounted Clogging shoes shoes, dance attire, bags, water bottles etc.. Their will be food and drinks available. I will also have the best clogging group to do a dance for everyone who attends my opening ceremony. Everyone can see how cool and fun clogging really is, and see that its not just a “Traditional” dance.

Clogging shoes, attire, bags, water bottles, etc.

Come to my Studio!

Tuesdays: Competition,Duet, and solo classes 5:00-7:30

Thursday: Regular classes 5:00-9:30

When it gets closer to the recital or competition we will have practices Saturday mornings around 10:00

2011 National Clogging Champions - Capital City Tap This
This video is of the clogging group "Tap This" from capital city dance shack in Lincoln Nebraska. Proof that clogging is not just a traditional dance, It is very fun and takes lots of work.