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Willie and me, by Dan Gutman

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"Baseball is a war"

-Leo Durocher

Polo Grounds will proudly host the final game of the 1953 World Series

The New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers will clash at Polo Grounds for the big finale of the World Series. Both teams know that only one can be crowned the best team of 1953, and they will play a close game and keep each other on their toes. Giants manager Leo Durocher said,"Baseball is a war." Durocher will never be any more competitive than this game. Polo Grounds has already been rated the cleanest, brightest, and the most comfortable baseball field in MLB today. This field is also credited with top notch security. Known as the oldest and the most historic baseball field ever built, it is built uniquely with short foul lines. This will cause a fast paced and exciting game which you can enter into your collection of great memories. Grab a bag of peanuts and get involved with the crowd for the most legendary baseball game you will ever see!