Julius Ceasar

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Julius Ceasar was born July 13 100 B.C. and he died March 44 B.C. at the age of 56. There were no medicines available to help with wounds. He was Greek and he led wars because he was evil. He ruled the Roman Empire. He flirted and slept with Cleopatra. He was stabbed to death by an angry mob; all his friends betrayed him. They tried to stop the bleeding from his stab wounds by covering them with cloth.

Interesting facts about Ceasar

He was married secretly to Cleopatra.

He created the Julian calendar which was a Roman calendar and was used throughout Europe.


Strife: bitter conflict

Caesarean: having a baby getting cut out with a knife.

Triumvirate: three powerful individuals

Tunic: a loose garment worn in battle

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By Corey Barrientos