Elizabeth Lopez Period:7


The reason I chose to do Ponyboy was because he is my favorite character in the story. He is my favorite character because he isn't too stressed or to laid back. He enjoys getting good grades and he's not always trying to do bad things. He focuses on his school work and not so much on girls. He tries not to get involved in fights unless necessary. He is also very kind and considerate. He takes care of his brothers and tries to stay out of trouble for them. Overall Ponyboy is a very kind, loving, and considerate person.


Ponyboy is very short. He looks like he is about 14 years old. His eyes are mixed with blue and brown. He wears a lot of grease in his hair, just like all the other greasers. He has pretty long hair for a boy. But overall he has a very warm, kind, loving look
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Ponyboy is still in school. He studies a lot to get good grades. According to the text, he also enjoys going out with the rest of his "gang". Ponyboy and his gang like to spend a lot of time Sodapop's job, a local gas station. They like to go around stealing cigarettes and causing trouble. Ponyboy also attends the fights his gang members get in, but he doesn't usually participate. But he does enjoy going to the movies, or just messing around with his friends. Overall, he doesn't have very many hobbies.

Prized Possessions

Ponyboy doesn't have a certain prized possession in the story so far. But if I had to choose what I thought was his most prized possession, I would say his brothers. His parents died in a car wreck when he was little. The court almost split Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry, but since Darry was over the age of 18, he was able to become a legal guardian. The judge agreed to let them stay together, as long as they stayed out of trouble. He loves his brothers a lot and I believe that they are his prized possession.


Ponyboy is the youngest of three. He has an older brother named Darry. Darry is very strict and tries to make sure that his brothers stay out of trouble. Darry is the oldest of the three. Sodapop is the middle child. He is very laid back and chill. Finally Ponyboy is the youngest. He is still in school, so he is very hardworking and responsible. Their parents died a few years back, so they stick together. They are all greasers and consider their gang family. They are all very united.