Period 1: 1491-1607

Jake Campbell January 4, 2016


  • Dialect used by Native American, and a Native American tribe.
  • Interacted with settlers at Jamestown
  • Several confederacies proved to resist westerly settlement in New England and Virginia.

Iroquois Confederation

  • Powerful alliance Native American tribes
  • Contested British for power over Ohio River Valley after the Seven Years War


  • Spanish conquerors who wanted to get rich
  • Killed many natives and established colonies
  • de Soto is a well known conquistador who went from Florida throughout the southeast all the way to Texas
  • looked for gold and tried to convert natives into christians

Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs

  • Early settlers in Mexico and South America
  • Elaborate villages and temples
  • Grew corn
  • Human Sacrifice

Encomienda System

  • Nicholas de Ovando introduced the system
  • Natives (Tainos) had to work fields for Spainards
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The Spanish Empire, Silver, & Runaway Inflation: Crash Course World History #25


  • WXT: The encomienda system produced more money for Spain because the natives grew crops for they Spaniards. Also conquistadors main goal when travelling to the new world was to get rich off of gold.
  • GEO: Native Americans used the geography around them in every aspect of life. They used the land to gather food, hunt its animals, and farm. Without geography natives wouldn't have survived because it was how they gained their resources.