The Nazi Party

Curtis Debon Academic 1

Have you ever heard of the Nazi? The Nazis were a part of a very important time period. The Nazi Party was active during WWII (1939-1945). The leader of the Nazi Party was Adolf Hitler. Learning about the Nazis may help you understand more about history of the 1900s.

The Nazis had the theory that they could take over the world. Adolf Hitler was such a good speaker that he inspired millions of Germans to join his army to execute his plan of world domination. The Nazi`s enemies (U.S, France, England, and Soviet Union-the Allies) outnumbered the Nazis causing them to lose the war. But along the way, Hitler ordered the deaths of millions of European Jews that were to blame for his problems. Hitler knew the Allies were coming for him, so he committed suicide in 1945.

Knowing about the Nazi Party may help you understand more about WWII. The Nazis were "extinct" after WWII. No one has ever found Hitler`s remains so it stays a secret to the world. The Nazi Party was evil and had to be put to an end.