Lauren Bailey

My Resume

My Skills

I have many skills, some a little more useful than others. For example, I am great with people. By that I mean that I can handle angry customers very well. I can also help dissolve any drama between coworkers. I am also very punctual. Being on time is one of my biggest priorities. Another skill is that I am very neat, I do not like anything to be messy. I am also a good leader, as I have been told by many people. I am often, if not always, made the head of any group I am in because the group members feel that I'll be able to lead the group best and keep everyone on task. Now, keeping everyone on task leads to another skill I have, which is I am able to keep myself on task very easily. I am able to get my work done quickly an efficiently because I am not at all easily distracted.

My Hobbies

I have a few hobbies, like singing, training my puppy, reading and drawing, but my main hobby is photography. It is the one creative thing that I feel I really excel in and enjoy beyond compare. I have such a passion for it because of how beautiful pictures turn out. I get so amazed by how a pixelated tiny box of color can hold so much beauty and awe. Another hobby of mine is dance. I'm not the best at it but it is so much fun and I love how energized it makes me.

Some of My Photography Work

Some of My Photography Work

A Video of a Dance I Preformed

What You Will See Below

Below are two links to use as resources. The first is my paper resume and the second is to my twitter page.