Keeping up with the Counselors

Timberwood Middle School

2021-2022 - 1st Quarter Edition

Timberwood's Comprehensive School Counseling Program

A comprehensive school counseling program is an integral component of the school’s mission. Comprehensive school counseling programs are driven by student data and based on the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Program guidelines.

Guidance - Counselors visit classrooms 4 times per year to deliver lessons based on the Great 8 skills

Responsive Services - Individual and small group counseling support

Individual Planning - 504, course selection process, behavior plans, goal setting, etc...

System Support - Support to TMS staff and Parents: Quarterly Newsletters, Website Information, Training's for Staff, Mentoring Program for Students, Open House, Community Outreach, School Counseling Advisory Council, and much MORE!

Referrals to See the Counselor

All students have access to the counselor through whole group guidance. In addition to guidance lessons, some students visit with the counselor in small group counseling sessions. Individual students may self-refer to the counselor by filling out a Request to see the Counselor form in their grade level office or emailing their counselor. Parents may also refer by emailing or calling their students grade level counselor.
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In an effort to give all of the students at Timberwood Middle School personal opportunities to check-in with their counselor, counselors conduct individual meetings with students twice a year. Below are some benefits we see in meeting with each student.

1. Allows counselors to make meaningful, individual connections with each student.

2. The meetings are an easy, school-wide screening tool to help address student needs as they pertain to our counseling domains of: Academic/Career and Personal/Social.

3. Help to assist students in planning for life beyond high school, to become college and career ready.

4. Through this tool, the counselors also give the students the opportunity to express celebrations, concerns, and needs.

TMS's Virtual Mindfulness Room

When you're stressed out and need a break, visit the Virtual Mindfulness Room the TMS counselors have created. Click on the objects to be taken to different activities or information.

Credit By Exams

Humble ISD offers Credit by Exams two times during the year for certain courses for students to gain credit for a course they have no prior instruction on.

For more information contact your grade level counselor or visit the Humble ISD Counseling and Behavioral Services website.

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Important Dates

August 10 - First Day of School

August 12 - 7th and 8th grade Open House

August 26 - Club Fair (during morning arrival)

The TMS Counselors