Second Year Orchestra

Oct 13th 2016

October Updates

With the change in the weather comes music for the colder season! Orchestra has begun working on songs for our concerts in December. I am working on scheduling dates with the elementary schools, our December concerts will be assemblies during the school day. Thank you for helping your student set and keep a good practice schedule, make sure they turn in their practice records to keep earning stars that they can redeem for prizes!

Practice Strategies

In class we will work on efficient home practice, and how to self-evaluate. Some good steps to follow are:

1. Play through the song, make a mental note of a spot that is hard to play, or stop when you get to something you can't play.

2. Work on that one or two measure spot

a. clap the rhythm slowly

b. pluck the notes in rhythm slowly

c. try playing the spot with your bow slowly

d. play the measure again, speeding it up a little every time until

3. Once you have worked the problems out, try starting the measure before and playing through

4. If you still have trouble repeat step 2, focusing on the original measures, or with the new measure that you added in step 3.

5. Once you can play the measure accurately try playing through the whole song again, and then evaluate your performance.

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