Lonely and Afraid

Question 2

Plato has misbehaving roots deep under his skin. His family is absent. His mother is gone and his father "might as well be dead" according to Plato. This loneliness directly correlates to his negative decision making throughout the film. With his parents absence, there is no life adviser in the household. There is no guidance, nor a sequence of rules applied to Plato. Plato has no model or anyone to hit his hand when he misbehaves.

Question 3

Did Plato learn throughout the movie?

I don't think that Plato learned. If anything, Plato got worse. He went from killing puppies to attempting to kill actual people. He refused to listen to his caretaker in the film also. He never changed in a positive way. I do think that he learned to accept himself. He finally made a friend and learned what life could have been like.
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Question 4- Symbolism of the word "chicken"

The word "chicken" in the film seems to be the ultimate insult to Jim in the film. Jim does not want to be the man his father is. I would say that Jim classifies his father as a chicken. He doesn't stand up for himself against his rude wife and is a pushover. Jim knows that his father is a chicken and doesn't appreciate that quality of his father. When he gets called "chicken" he directly believes he acts like his father. That word has direct association with the relationship Jim has with his father.

Question 5- Theme

The largest theme in the film is conformity and peer pressure. It appears more than once in the film with every character. For example, Buzz wouldn't be as aggressive if it were not for his sidekick Crunch. Crunch made situations seem worse than what they were to make Buzz act. He manipulated and pressured Buzz into acting such ways.
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Question 6

"For what reasons do Jim's parents want Jim to stay home instead of going to the police after Buzz died?

His parents are acting very selfish. Jim's parents don't want him to be punished by law any more than he already has. That makes them indirectly look badly for his actions. They want it to lay low so he doesn't get a bad reputation around town, even though going to the police is the right thing to do.