e-Learning @Rossett

Edition 2

App of the Fortnight- iDOCEO

iDOCEO is a grade book, diary and timetable for the iPad. This is an app for teachers. It allows you to put your new timetable and classlists in easily and from this, you can make quick seating plans, use it as a markbook which calculates average marks for you and imports classlists from e-portal/dropbox, whether students are on target or not and sync it with the school as well as your personal diary. All in all, a great organiser!

(recommended by Dan Grainger)

Ipad Pedagogy

Allan Carrington, from the University of Adelaide has created a Pedagogy Wheel for iPads in education. It uses Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and provides suggestions for 62 iPad apps based on varying skill focuses. Below is a video introduction to the iPad Pedagogy Wheel- lots of great ideas! Worth a nosy at even if you only take one idea from it and run with it...

Introduction to the Padagogy Wheel

Primary Workshops using iPads

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been numerous primary visits, which have integrated the use of iPads in their learning activities. Many @Rossett staff have been involved in either visiting Primary Schools or running sessions for them here @Rossett.

Weds 12th June & 19th June -year 5's took part in literacy and numeracy workshops using iPads both @Rossett and at Richard Taylor Primary School using 'QR Codes' & 'Explaineverything' apps.

Tues 18th June- Saltergate Primary School visited to do a Cookery and Language workshop and used the iPads for internet research and to create a 'ShowMe' to put together a stroyboard of their practical of making spanish omlettes.

Weds 19th June- 20 year 4&5 students from North Rigton Primary School took part in activities, including using the free app 'Sketchbook Express' to create their own artwork inspired by Hockney iPads as drawing tools in Art.

Fri 21st June- students from Highfield Primary School in Leeds used 'Qrafter' & 'ExplainEverything' apps during numeracy workshops run by @Rossett

Some brilliant feedback from schools- thanks to all staff involved!!!

A teacher called to say thank you for such a wonderful morning. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and gained so many new skills and experiences from it.

A parent also got in touch to report that her son and his classmates had a brilliant time – he came home and made her download the sketch app for the iPad!