Sailing through Sacred Scripture

March 8 from 11-2pm at Kona Kai Resort

About Our Seminar

  • Our seminar will cover the introduction into the Bible. We will talk about how to read the Bible and how to carry out the messages in the text. After all, we do need to be "living and effective." (Hebrew 4:12)
  • While at our seminar, we will cover the Holy Spirit's biblical inspiration, as It guided the writers to compose and edit the passages.
  • We will cover how to interpret the Bible for you, because the Bible is addressed to our unique life experiences. There are many different ways people interpret and understand a certain passage. It speaks to people differently.
  • Our seminar will also cover the development of the Old Testament, from spoken words to the composing and editing. We will cover the different versions of the Bible throughout the seminar and how they came about.
  • We will also cover the structure of the Old Testament that is divided into sections: the Pentateuch, the Historical Books, the Prophets, and the Wisdom and Poetry Books.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Bible?

The Bible is a collection of 73 books written over many decades. These books are not might to be read as just historical text; the Bible contains royal history, prophecy, poetry, and believers' accounts of Jesus' passion. It is divided into two sections the Old Testament and the New Testament.

  • How did the Catholic Translation of the Bible come to be?

In 382, Pope Damascus asked Jerome to make a Latin translation. Jerome started to create the Vulgate, which is a common version. For a while, this was used as the Catholic translation. In 1943, Pope Pius XII allowed scholars to make subsequent versions from the Hebrew and Greek text. This produced many versions such as the New American Bible.

  • How were the books of the Bible recorded?

In the Old Testament, the stories were at first passed on from generation to the next by word of mouth. About 1000 B.C. is when people began to write down the stories. The stories were edited and combined and they began to shape in the sixth century B.C.

  • What is the Pentateuch in the Old Testament?

The Pentateuch meaning "five books" tell us about the beginnings of God's Chosen People. It informs us about the Israelites' stories, their history, and the laws God gave them.

  • What is biblical inerrancy?

Because God is the ultimate author and inspired the human authors to write about out salvation, the Bible is without error which is known as biblical inerrancy. The Bible is the salvific truth God reveals to us.

Guaranteed to be informative and eye-opening

Come and join us!! Have a peaceful day. God bless.

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By Sarah Nava, Scripture I Block B