The life in botswana

Location and Size

"Botswana is a landlocked country in southern Africa."

*Landlocked means that Botswana is surrounded by land on all sides.

*It makes it hard for Botswana to get resources.

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"Most of the country has a subtropical climate."

*Subtropical means that the summers are hot and the winters are mild.

*Summer season begins in November and ends in March

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Plants and animals

''About 90% of Botswana is covered by some kind of Savanna."

*A Savanna is an area with grass land.

*The Savanna is widely spaced for animals to live.

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Early History

"The founder of the Botswana tribe was a 14th-century chief name Mogale."

*His great-great-grandson Malope had three son: Kwena, Ngwaketse, and Ngwato.

*They became the chiefs of the major tribes that now inhabit Botswana.

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"The house of chiefs consists of the chiefs of the eight principal tribes"

*Four chiefs elected from minority districts, and three other elected by the house.

*Botswana has nine districts and five town councils.

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"Half of the population practice traditional African religions and the rest are christian.

*Anglicans, and the united congregational church of southern Africa, formerly the london Missionary society, claim the largest numbers of christian followers.

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"Domesticated animals"

"The United States African Development Foundation"
*they extended a grant of $100,000 to the Komku Development trust.
*A community that will assist the herders of seven ethnic san communities in western Botswana in the transition from subsistence cattle rearing to organized cattle ranching.

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