Babysitter For Hire

Benjamin Dispoto


Babysitter for hire! I am available anytime after 4:00 on weekdays(except Wednesday, I am closed Wednesday) and anytime on weekends. I am OK with cooking and bathing children, and I prefer children 9 and under. I charge $8 an hour.

Location and Price!

I will babysit in Milford, Pennsylvania. This includes Shohola and Woodlands as well. I charge $8 per hour. When hired, I would like to set up an introductory meeting to learn the rules of the family. The time of this said meeting can be arranged to your advantage.

Times and Days!

I am open every weekday(except Wednesday) anytime after 4:00 PM and before 8:00 PM. On the weekends, I am available any time after 9:00 AM and before 8:30 PM! I am closed on Wednesday.

Fun facts, rules, and preferences!

I am 13 years old and have babysitting experience, as I babysit my 5 year old little sister a lot. I am OK with cooking, as long as it has been prepared for me and I just need to heat it up. I am also OK with bathing the children I am babysitting. I prefer to babysit under 4 children at once, however this is not a rule; it is a preference. My phone number is 897-879-789.