23 Things at OLP

Web 2.0 Tools for Learning in Action!

Learning Program Launched!

OLP Faculty has made it clear that we are ready for Web 2.0 tools! With a roster boasting 36 participants, we will have tons to share and learn from each other over the next 10-weeks.

Week #1 Objectives

  • Have you visited the 23 Things blog (http://aolp23things.edublogs.org/) yet? If not make sure you do because Week #1 is your chance to learn about how the program works and what tools we will be playing with.
  • Also, take a moment to view the Slide share presentation (http://www.slideshare.net/LoriReed/7-12-habits-of-lifelong-learners) and reflect on it.
  • Lastly, if you have not emailed me (sdevore@aolp.org) that you intend on participating, be sure to do that now so you will have your t-shirt to wear this Friday!
  • Finished these steps? Congratulations! Now you have completed your Thing #1 and Thing #2!

23 Things Wolfpack Leaders

Need help? Not sure how to start?

Feel free to stop by the Library during your prep period or after school for some in-person support!

23 Things T-shirt Photoshoot

Friday, Jan. 17th, 11am


Don't forget that Friday is our first chance to wear our new 23 Things t-shirts. Please try and meet in the Library at the beginning of 2nd break on Friday for a super quick picture!

23 Things Wolfpack

Check out all of our fabulous participants:
  • Mike Stringer
  • Lauren Lek
  • John Galvan
  • Angie Gascho
  • Jessica Hooper
  • Kathleen Herb Baker
  • Susan Antolin
  • Katie Turner
  • Sally Boettger
  • Gilberto Moreno
  • Kathy Gibbs
  • Lisa Danaher
  • Diane Yandell
  • Katherine Kamrath
  • Laura Rodriguez
  • Donna Allen
  • Jamie Flannery
  • Emily Pippin
  • Michelle Tooker
  • Aaron Gonzalez
  • Leticia Oseguera
  • Kathleen Guerin
  • Bethany Turner
  • Carol Melich
  • Suzy Knapp
  • Shawn Hanley
  • Bill Copperwaithe
  • Chris Boyer
  • Rivka Bent
  • Jill Hicke
  • Jeanette Handelsman
  • Kristin Zapala
  • Stefini Ma'ake
  • Ilene Nagem
  • Tim Paluso
  • Mary Cullina
  • Nicole Rayner
  • Jeff Kirschbaum