Warnesha Portfolio

January 5,2015

All about me

My name is Warnesha I am from Childersburg Alabama. I attend Childersburg High school. I love to be around my family an friends. I play basketball for my high school. An I also play soccer for Birmingham United. Also last year I played soccer for my high school I lead scoring with 27 goals, an also I made the all county team. Last year I had big year just to be a freshmen. This year will be better i'm going to strive better to make sure I follow my dream an keep striving to my goals in life. An also when I grow up I wanna be a pediatrician an work with kids. I love to be around an help kids they just make me happy to see them happy.


  • Collaboration: The creation of working with someone to produce or create something.
  • How does collaboration help you as a student?
  • Success hinges on effective application of knowledge to solve problems and create new ideas and information.
  • .Communication: Connection between two people.
  • Communication helps me as a student because I can learn from other's an other's also can learn from me.
  • Critical Thinking: The objective analysis and education of an issue.
  • How can learning to think critically help you in the real world?
  • Looking at something and knowing it write or wrong.
  • Creativity: A person who creative typically in professional context.
  • Cause I wanted to be creative in my own way.

College/ Technical School

College Plan:

1. Mercer University: $48,468

2. Albany State University: $25,938 (out of state)

3. Grambling State University: $32,310 (out of state)

Letter Of Recommendation

May 9, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Ms. Warnesha Kelley.

Warnesha has been in my class for the 2013-2014 academic school year as a freshman student. I also served as her soccer coach on the Childersburg High School girls’ soccer team. She has excelled as a student and displayed her leadership ability in my class as well as on the field throughout the year. She is an excellent student and a great athlete who has a great work ethic along with possessing qualities such as reliability, creativity, motivation, and responsibility. She has a great record and an excellent reputation as a dedicated student to her class work, school activities and her team. In addition to her academic achievements, Warnesha is very personable and known for her leadership ability, self-direction, and drive to better herself.

As a wonderful individual, I believe Warnesha is a great choice for any type of position held in professional work, organizations, or any type of leadership position. Warnesha is an intelligent, talented, and trustworthy individual who displays her qualifications and my recommendation for her to accept the type of position she is searching.


Todd Garrison

Science Teacher

Head Girls Soccer

Childersburg High School


Job / Scholarship Letter

Kita Kelley

Blue Bell

Work in factory

423 N Norton Ave

Sylacauga, Alabama , 35150

Dear Mrs.Kelley

I am interested in the summer position at Blue Bell Store advertised in Sylacauga.

I have excellent communication skills and an aptitude for customer service. My past experience as a volunteer at Blue Bell for me to focus on providing quality customer service, and also enabled me to work with all types of people.

I believe that my communication skills, customer service abilities, and positive work ethic would make me an asset to your store.

Thank you for consideration. I can be reached at Warneshakelley@yahoo.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Warnesha Kelley

Presentation: Warriors Don't Cry Essay

Warnesha Kelley


English 10

12 November 2014

Character & Conflict In Warriors Don’t Cry

Why is the pursuit of freedom necessary? I think that the pursuit of freedom is necessary, because we should all have the same rights and we should be able to speak freely. In the novel Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals, Melba pursues freedom for a good education and encounters many conflicts along the way; however her character traits brave, courage and thankful allow her to overcome these conflicts.

Melba faces many conflicts in her fight for freedom please God let me learn how to stop being a warrior. Sometimes I just need to be a girl. Once again the stress of interrogation the stress of interrogation is getting her. She longs for a day off from interrogation but she knows that she will not get it. This shows that Melba is Brave, because she couldn’t let the reporters see me with the patch because they would ask questions & make a big deal of it.

A second conflict that Melba is, I had to stop them. I picked up my books and tossed them as hard as I could to hit my attackers. She had to be a soldier and also she had to be strong and believe in what she was saying. This shows that Melba courage, because I suppose that’s what it meant to be a soldier to survive.

A third conflict that Melba faces is a girl smiled at me today. This going to work we're going to have interrogation in Little Rock. Melba feels that God is going to save her from getting hurt from other kids. So God can protect her. This shows that Melba is thankful, because thank you God thank you for saving my eyes God bless Danny always.

Melba’s character traits brave, courageous, thankful help her during her fight for freedom. Melba believes that the pursuit of freedom is necessary because I have been through alot to be equal. Freedom is because I don’t want to go through anymore people shouldn’t have to do either freedom is living.