Tech Tidbit

March 2015

Videoing in the Classroom

Why Video?

"Videoing teaching practice is the best way to get a clear picture of the current reality." - Jim Knight

Tech Tools to Use

  • MacBook (just turn on Photobooth, turn your computer around, and begin teaching)
  • iPad (You can either have a coach or colleague come in and hold the iPad, or simply prop it up in your room)
  • Flip Camera
  • Smartphone

Okay, I videoed a lesson, now what?

  • Watch the video!
  • During the first viewing, watch the students

-Were they engaged?

-Did they interact with one another in a respectful manner?

-Did they clearly understand how they were to behave?

-Did they engage in high level conversations?

-Do they understand how well they are progressing

  • During the second viewing, watch yourself

-Was your praise to correction ration at least 3 to 1?

-Did you clearly explain expectations prior to each activity?

-Were your corrections calm, consistent, immediate, and planned in advance?

-Were your questions at the appropriate level (know, understand, do)?

-Were your learning structures (stories, cooperative learning, PGW, modeling thinking, etc.)

-Did you use a variety of learning structures?

-Can you tell what your students know and don't know?