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Airport Transportation Service Different Vehicles

If you and possibly a group of others are all coming into or going out of the same airport, then hiring an airport transportation service will be key to getting everyone where they are heading. But what type of vehicle you reserve will depends on the size of your group or party. Let's take a quick look at the different vehicles available that will fit your group.

For singles or small groups you won't need the larger vehicles like a limo or a party bus. Your group will fit perfectly into a sedan or town car. It will give you just the right amount of space to be comfortable but won't be so large that you will end up with wasted space. Another suggestion would be an SUV which will also be perfect for your intimate group.

Groups of six are slightly too large for a sedan or town car but will fit perfectly into a limo bus. LAX Transportation A limo bus is perfect for LAX transportation or to any of the other local airports. Your luggage as well as your group will arrive comfortably and easily.

For medium size groups of 8-10 people you can choose to rent a Lincoln or Chrysler town car stretch limo. These vehicles will give your group a good amount of space to move around in as well as other great amenities you will enjoy.

Groups that have 20 or 30 people in them would want to consider the 20 person or 30-person passenger Escalade. These vehicles will have you traveling in style and will turn heads when it shows up to the airport to deliver your group or to pick up your group.

For those extra-large groups who may be coming straight out of the airport and just want to start enjoying the fun, consider a party bus! A party bus brings the party right to you, so you can start having fun right out of the airport. This is a great way to get a bachelorette party started.

No matter what size group you have, if you are searching for LA transportation service or Orange County airport transportation, there is a vehicle that is the perfect size for your group so everyone can enjoy a little luxury.

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