Government Relations Update

June 2022

2022 Short Session

We will see a budget or not very soon. Speaker Moore has stated the General Assembly will be finished before the July 4th holiday.

If no new budget is passed, we will continue to see funding from the long session budget for the remainder of this biennium.

Stay tuned!

Advocate with NCSCA

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Reminder to Join our Advocacy Efforts

We have partnered with ASCA to offer members a simple and effective way to participate in the legislative process.

Participate in our Voter Voice Campaign to inform and educate our legislators on the role of the school counselor in North Carolina now through June 30th. To start, simply click the link below to take action during these final days of the 2022 NC General Assembly Short Session.

Advocate with NCSCA

NCSCA and The Policy Group are looking forward to continuing our lobbying efforts with our state legislators and appreciate your continued support.

If you have any questions, please email

Advocating for NC School Counselors

On June 15th, I had an opportunity to spend the day with our lobbyists at the NC General Assembly. Even though our full Legislative Day event was canceled, our lobbyists wanted to make sure we still had some time to advocate directly with legislators. The day started with a visit to Rep. Torbett's office, who had also stopped by my school for a visit back in May (Click Here for Details).

We then proceeded to visit with Rep. Elmore who is employed as an elementary art teacher in Wilkes County. Rep. Elmore truly understands the role and importance of school counselors and is a fierce advocate for our profession. Rep. Elmore was instrumental in the long session budget negotiations which provided school counselors with an additional $1,000 per year in our salary.

Next, we found a comfortable spot to plan and discuss future strategy because most legislators were unavailable for a few hours due to their party caucus meetings.

Before lunch, we were able to meet with Representatives Rachel Hunt & Terence Everitt who are both friends of school counselors and public education.

After lunch, we made our way to the office of the House Democratic Leader, Rep. Reives. After waiting for about 30 minutes, Rep. Reives was still in caucus so we decided to wait outside the House Chamber to catch him before the General Session.

While in transition, we had the good fortune to speak briefly with House Speaker, Rep. Moore.

After catching up with Rep. Reives, our day came to a close.

With each legislator, we discussed the role and importance of school counselors and how we impact student success for all students. We also left a handout (pictured below) highlighting NC School Counselors. The legislators were quite receptive and overall, it was a fantastic day!

Our long session Legislative Day is tentatively scheduled for February 8th, 2023. More details will be shared in the Fall of 2022.

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Links of Interest

Education News for North Carolina

Legislative Info & Acronyms

Glossary of Legislative Terms

Biennium- A two-year term of legislative activity

Public Bill- Legislation enacted into law that applies to the public at large

Local Bill- Legislation put into law that has limited application (How many counties)- Local bills do not have to be signed by the governor

Sponsor- The legislator who presents a bill or resolution for consideration

Resolution- A document that expresses the sentiment or intent of the legislature or a chamber. Resolutions, when finalized, go to the Secretary of State

DPI = NC Department of Public Instruction

LEA = Local Education Agency

NCGA = North Carolina General Assembly

LB/LOB = Legislative Building/Legislative Office Building

SBE = North Carolina State Board of Education

SISP = Specialized Instructional Support Personnel

HB/SB = House Bill/Senate Bill

JR = Joint Resolution

SL = Session Law

GS = General Statute

PCS = Proposed Committee Substitute