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CARES Program Hours

CARES 2020-2021 Information

Morning Session: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Afternoon Session: 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM

CARES Program Overview

Open from 7:00 AM to 7:45 AM as well as from 2:30 PM until 6:00 PM each school day, the CARES Program at Our Lady of Good Counsel School provides professional care, supervision, recreation, and enrichment activities. It serves working families who desire both parochial school education and supplementary child care in a Catholic environment of children enrolled at school in grades Pre-K through grade eight.

Within a large family environment, the program strives to provide individual attention, security consistency, and caring treatment for children of working parents. The CARES Program of Our Lady of Good Counsel School provides children with a Catholic environment extending the philosophy of Our Lady of Good Counsel School into the hours before and after school. The program serves the children of parents who work outside the home. There is a clear academic component, which includes homework time, as well as art, games and activities. The program provides safety, care, supervision and recreation.

The staff, teachers and other caregivers staff the Our Lady of Good Counsel School CARES Program. Our Lady of Good Counsel School agrees to provide the CARES Program for a student, and in return, the parents agree to pay a fee to support the rules of the program. Fees are the sole support of the school’s CARES Program.


To register for our CARES Program, you will need to complete the CARES Registration Form (found below) as well as pay a one-time $50 registration fee. If you require CARES on an emergency basis, please email the School Office for registration information. As part of the registration process, we ask that you review the CARES Handbook in regards to policies and procedures. Please sign and attach the handbook agreement form and attach it to the registration form. Once the form is processed, you will receive a CARES payment booklet that contains weekly slips that are to be completed and sent in with the weekly payment. The slips will communicate the days your child will attend CARES for the week, as well as serve as your payment slip.

New this year is a monthly CARES rate for those families who will need their child(ren) to be at before and after CARE for its entirety. Please familiarize yourself with our CARES Program Fees (found below) if you will be utilizing our CARES Program. Our new monthly fee will be discounted to those families who choose to pay on a monthly basis. If you will be using CARES on an as-needed basis, we suggest you continue to use the hourly/weekly CARES payment plan.

Email and Phone Number

If you need to reach our CARES Program, please email our CARES Program at CARES@olgc.org to communicate any CARES concerns or changes to your CARES schedule. If a change occurs on the day your child is scheduled to go to CARES, please call or email the School Office in order to provide the information in a timely manner and before school is dismissed for the day.

We also have an emergency phone number for our CARES Program. That phone number is: 215-936-5065. Again, if you have an emergency, are running late, forgot an item, etc. and need to get in touch with our CARES Program, please call the above phone number.

CARES Forms/Documents

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