Its not all fun and games! ;D


You may think that gambling is a good idea, or just fun and games, but there are real dangers. For example, you can get addicted, making you lose MORE and MORE money. You can even fall victim to casinos due to being a compulsive gambler. Even though there are different types of gambling, you have to know the difference between the bad and the good.

Reason #1

First of all, gambling is very addictive. (Almost like tobacco.) For instance, a problem gambler, (when a loss occurs), feel the need to win back what they’ve lost, going back for more. “When not able to get to a gambling venue, or they don’t have enough money with which to gamble, problem gamblers may get irritable, nervous, and/or restless.” [pgs. 52-53] Gambling has quite the addictive quality, which makes you lose more and more money.

Reason #2

Gambling companies know, and use to their advantage the fact that gambling is addictive. They make their games even more impossible to win, because of compulsive gamblers. “The gambling industry has worked to make it easier to hook addicts and drain them of their money.” [pg. 69] Gambling industries take advantage of the fact that you are addicted just to make them more money.

Reason #3

You can lose money by becoming a compulsive gambler. Compulsive gamblers want to win, and when they don’t, they feel the need to win back what they’ve lost, which makes them want to play more and more. (Therefore losing more money.) As was mentioned in the first paragraph, gambling is addictive. Since it’s addictive, you lose a lot of money.


Over all, gambling is just a bad idea. Just take a look at all of the reasons. It’s addictive. Why would you want to be addicted to something that makes you lose money? It makes you vulnerable to the gambling industries. Why would you want to put money into greedy people’s pockets? Last, but not least, you lose a lot of money. Why would you put your money towards something you aren’t 100% sure about instead of putting it towards the future? Just think about that.