Feed My Starving Children

Famine in Africa

How The Famine Is Happening

More than 30 million children and adults across a swath of Africa face a devastating hunger crisis. Poverty and hunger have been major killers for decades. One in every eight people go to bed hungry in Africa. African leaders propose to stop hunger by 2025.


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Blessed Are Those Who Are Generous, Because They Feed The Poor

They pack foods themselves so they don't pay other company's to do it for them. They give special items during holidays to give people things they don't regularly get. They have volunteers help them with packing. They have deals that you can feed a whole village for one year.
Food at Work: Brian's Story

How We Can Help

You can help ensure that the food will reach its destination by packing it yourself so company's don't have to. You can donate from $33 - $8,030 to help in different ways. For 1000 meals all you have to donate is $220. For $8,030 you can feed a village of 100 for a year.