Out of War


Alberto lives in Bogota, Colombia with his mother, father and until recently, his brother Hernando. After his brother left for Mitu, Alberto wept constantly. He thought his teachers and friends wouldn’t understand or care about him losing his brother. Also that they could not possibly imagine what it was like to walk in his shoes.


Alberto's hometown in Bogota has many mountains, hills and rivers. The rich soil provided the country with many exports. The city mainly exports agricultural products,(30%), chemicals (10%), and textiles (17%). (Some of these exports were/are coffee, dairy, sugar, bananas, flowers, cotton and meat.

Where he lives...

Alberto lives in Bogota, Colombia with his family (His mother, father, and until recently, his brother Hernando). Ever since Hernando's kidnapping, the family has become depressed and in need of support. They need this support to lift their spirits about their son's/brother's return, safe as sound.

What made him fight for change...

After Alberto's brother was kidnapped, Alberto and his family became very depressed. Once his mother was informed what was going on in Mitu, where Hernando was stationed, his mother cried, "You can have your war but let me have my child". Alberto stopped cracking jokes, causing him to lose many of his friends. This must not have helped him with support one bit!

What did he do to fight for change...

Alberto did many things to help fight for change. When he was just ten year old, Alberto joined the Colombian Red Cross. Alberto believes that children are still quite able to create a lot of peace, even without the help of adults or an administration. He had organized big meetings for peace. He also gave speeches aimed at Anna who had problems at home such as abuse.

What he hoped for in the future...

Alberto hoped to not only have peace, but to have his brother return back to his family... "Nothing can be right in our world until he comes back." You can tell that he desperately wanted the safe return of his brother because of many reasons. Some reasons were that; Alberto sent his brother poems and letters while he was in captivity, but also he wept constantly because of his disappearance.This is what Alberto hoped for in the future.

Made by, Emma Granquist, Megan Jasmin, and Alex Artruc