CTLT 20 Minute Pedi

Faculty Development Workshop

How Do We Empower Students to Take Responsibility for Their Own Learning?

You didn’t remind us the paper was due today!“I didn’t know which chapters to read for the test!” “I missed class that day and so didn’t know what was for homework!” etc.

This 20 minute pedagogical ('pedi') workshop will explore how we can motivate students to be autonomous learners and raise student self-responsibility in the classroom. The workshop lasts just for 20 minutes-- long enough to deliver actionable insights, but brief enough to fit most people's schedules.

So sneak away for 20 minutes and join the talk. Lilia Murray, CTLT’s Instruction Development Coordinator, will share a summary of thoughts on this issue that were discussed by both the CTLT Faculty and Student Advisory Board members.

Next Week!


Tues, March 12th 11:30 -11:50 AM

Wed, March 13th 11:30 -11:50 AM

Where: Waterfield Library 211 Classroom