Culture of Rome

Citizenship,Law, and Justice

What are the rights of citizens in Rome and America?

The citizens of Rome and America were both able to have the same rights. However, only free citizens in Rome were the only ones that had those rights. The rights the citizens in both countries had were being able to indicate who they wanted for office, become an official, possess property,create a written agreement, and go to a tribunal.

Unequal Rights in America and Rome


Many citizens in Rome didnt have the same rights with each other. Free Romans that were male were able to have all the rights citizens were given in Rome. However, slaves didn't get to have almost any rights that free male Romans had. If slaves are able to pay for their freedom, they still get limited rights. Roman women were also given limited rights. Basically,women were given almost the same rights men had.


In America, almost both men and women were given the same rights. Women weren't allowed to vote in the past. This ended when women suffrage groups helped make an establishment that allowed women to vote. America also allowed slavery until the year 1865.

American and Roman Justice

Roman Justice

The laws were first written by the Romans. Its a good thing that the laws were written down because it they weren't wrong information about the law might have been passed. The laws were supposed to be added to the rights that each citizen had. Evidence and trials were used ti make decisions in court.

American Justice

The Romans had some laws that needed some improvement because they weren't the most effective laws. America has enhanced their law and improved on ehat the Romans have written.


Both nations decided to make the punishment fit how bad the crime is. In America and Rome, misdemeanor crimes were given minor punishments like fines. Rome had cruel punishments like beatings,banishments,and slavery. Execution and patricide were also very cruel punishments given to haneous crimes. America also has punishments like banishments and execution.