Discussion 1 (Edgardo Ramos)

Week 4

Key Strategies

Strategy # 1:

Clarifying understanding and sharing Learning Intentions

Exit Tickets: The are easy to do, it give us an opportunity to receive instant feedback from our students in how well the lesson objectives were understood.

Exit Ticket are done in the last 5-7 minutes of the class, and should be in a simple form of answering one question or maybe a math problem.

They are also a good classroom management tool and gives the teacher time to prepare the classroom for the next period.

Strategy # 5

Activating Students as owners of their own learning.

It is paramount to have students take full ownership for their learning.

Strategy/activity: C3B4ME

Great tool to introduce students in collaboration, students can learn from each other as they discover different ways to solve problems.

Formative and Summative Assessments

Goes back to strategy number 1, gives quick feedback in how information is process by the students and any adjustments we as teacher need to make to improve our lesson presentation.