Is Twitter Right for Your School?

Read to find out!

Internet Stats: As of 2009 in American Public Schools...

  • 97% of teachers had one or more computers located in the classroom every day.
  • 54% could bring computers into the classroom
  • Internet access was available for 93% of the computers located in the classroom every day and for 96% of the computers that could be brought into the classroom.
  • The ratio of students to computers in the classroom every day was 5.3 to 1.

Twitter Stats: As of 2014

  • 284 Million Monthly Active Users
  • 31% of US Teens (aged 14-17) Use Twitter
  • 46% of US College Students Tweet Daily

In this ever changing world, we need to keep up with the students in our classroom!

What if Twitter is Not an Option for Our School?

There are different tools you can use to maintain engagement at your school, that are just like Twitter except private. Check out Twiducate!