Number Rack

App Review by: Emelie Rogers

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Created By: The Math Learning Center

  • Their website has a lot of free resources for educators
  • Nonprofit organization
  • They serve the United States and other international places
  • Started in 1976
  • Founded by Dr. Eugene Maier, Don Rasmussen, and David Raskin

Grade Level: Any, because it can be adapted for different grades

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Math Concepts Included in the App:

  • Number Sense
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Visualization
  • 5’s and 10’s



  • There are a variety of ways it can be used
  • Easy to use
  • Visual
  • Hands-on


  • Not very engaging
  • More of a tool, less of a game. Therefore, no competition

DOK Level:

  • This app addresses both low and high DOK levels, because it all depends on how you use the app. The student can use it for single step problems or multistep problems.
  • The teacher could present the students with multistep problems and have them use the Number Rack to solve them. Then, the class can have a discussion about the different ways they used the app to solve the problem.
  • Teacher can pose questions such as, “How did you discover that solution?”, “Why did you do it that way?”, “How did you know to do it that way?”