Come Along on the Red River Cart

Exploring a new world!

History of the Red River Cart

  • The first Red River Cart was made in 1801 at Fort Pembina.
  • Red River Carts could carry up to 1,000 pounds.
  • The cart was made of wood.
  • When the carts were broke along the trails, they were easily fixed.
  • The cart had tall wheels so it was easy to go through mud and it didn't tip over.
  • The carts were pulled by horses or oxen.
  • Fur traders used it to carry their trading material.

Advantages of the Red River Cart

  • Very easy to build and made of wood which was very abundant.
  • They can be used for carrying heavy items from place to place.
  • Carts can be connected, making a train, using bison hide.
  • Good for trading.
  • It can also be a raft if the wheels are removed.

Disadvantages of the Red River Cart

  • The carts are slow and can be very noisy.
  • To have it pulled you need to buy a horse or an ox.
  • Wheels can easily break.
  • Can't travel long distances with them.
  • They were easily raided and many people did.

Inventors of the Red River Cart

The main inventors of the Red River Cart was the Metis. These people were Indian and European.

Importance and how they impacted ND.

The red river cart was an early way of transportation in North Dakota. It carried heavy loads and it opened us up for new ways of transporting goods and services. People could now make better trades by carrying bigger items and traveling longer distances for what they want. It was also a new way to get to North Dakota, so without it there wouldn't have been as many people that came.
Métis Pride - The Red River Cart