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News in Room 202!

September 16, 2013

Welcome Grizzly Families!

I will be sending you regular updates from room 202! These updates are in addition to the weekly Garfield School updates sent by Mrs. Lauer. If you do not receive Mrs. Lauer's updates, please let me know and I can help connect you. The focus of this newsletter will be to help keep you in the loop on what is happening here at Garfield, as well as give your resources that may be beneficial in guiding your 6th grader. Another resource will be coming soon dedicated to the reading development of your sixth grader. Your feedback is helpful! If you have suggestions or topics you would like to receive information about, please let me know!

Our year has started on a positive note, due to the thirty-one positive and caring individuals who comprise our class. I envision this class really growing together and supporting each other and have already noticed seeds of this! That is very exciting to me and I will continue to provide opportunities for your child to flourish alongside each of his or her classmates.

This Thursday (9/19), Garfield will host an open house. I wanted to connect with you to explain we structure it differently than other elementary schools. From 5:15-6:15, families are encouraged to visit their child's classroom and take notice of what has been happening in the first few days of school, tour Garfield, attend the book fair, and visit the cafeteria for treats. From 6:15-6:45, all families and staff will travel to the gymnasium for an all-school presentation. If you cannot attend and have questions, please contact me. If you can only attend for a portion, we are pleased you made us part of your evening.

I look forward to connecting again with as many families that can attend!

Working Together,
Mrs. Sheldrup

September and October's Events and Notes

9/16: Fundraiser Kick-Off
Orchestra lessons begin
Individual band lessons begin
9/17: Late Start
9/19: Garfield Open House
5:15-6:15 Tour and Visit
6:15-6:45 Parent Meeting (Gymnasium)
9/27: All School Celebration
10/2: All school band begins
10/4: Picture Retakes
10/7: Greater Mankato Diversity Council Lessons

*Request: We would greatly appreciate donations of hand sanitizer.

PRIDE Parent/Child Discussion

Garfield Elementary uses the acronym PRIDE to teach students about positive behaviors and what is expected. You may support your child's acquisition and development of these habits by asking him or her to discuss with you the following prompts.

P- Preparedness
Write down your weekly schedule. When is a consistent time each day that you are able to complete homework and communicate with me on what you are studying? What part of the house will this take place in?

Create a routine to sign and discuss planner. Why is it important for you to have a planner at Garfield? How will it help you in future years?

Create a routine to pack up backpack and needed materials, such as instrument and lunch. What will work best?

Name two students you feel show respectful actions toward you.

What decisions have you made to demonstrate respect to others at Garfield?

What qualities do you respect in a friend?

What does integrity mean?

What are the benefits of acting with integrity?

How can you show integrity with friends? At home? While Learning?

Tell me about a time when you showed determination in your life?

Can you think of a situation that may occur this year that would require you to show determination to be successful? How will you recognize it? How will you handle it? How will it feel afterwards?

What would a full day look like, with you demonstrating excellence?

What is a personal goal you have? How will showing excellence help you achieve your goal?

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Please contact me any time! I look forward to working with you and your child!