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A New Idea

I want to share exciting opportunities I run across as I work and collaborate with campuses and my PLN, Professional Learning Network. I will share opportunities for you and your students that reach beyond the walls of our classroom, ideas for integrating technology, free apps I find, and resources I find. From time to time, I will email a link to my new digital flyer, Balbier Bytes.

Freebie iBooks shared at the Library PLC

I was invited to a Library PLC last week and had the opportunity to share a few free elementary level iBooks and book apps. If you have an iPad, you may want to add these to your collection. Remember, what is free today, may not be free tomorrow. They were free at 9:00, Jan 23.

Puppies- Free iBook of the Week
Discovery Kids Readers: Sharks- Free iBook
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs- Enjoy this free book app
Disney Classic Book App- This book app comes with one free book, Dumbo. All other books in the collection are available with in-app purchasing.
Disney Story Time Book App- This book app has 3 free books, all other books in the collection are available with in-app purchasing.
Hello Crayon- Drawing App that students can use to create a literary response

Virtual Valentines Project

K-12 teachers can melt the miles by signing up for the Virtual Vanlentines Project. The coordinators of this project will connect your class with another classroom. This is a great enrichment opportunity to learn about another classroom outside of El Paso, TX, calculate the miles between you and your partner class, and create a Valentine that can be shared virtually. For more information, visit the Virtual Valentines Website and register before January 31st.

Teacher Field Trip Summer Institutes

Travel for cheap or free and learn more about your curriculum. Deadline for Williamsburg Teacher Academy where history teachers can experience life in early colonial America is this Friday January 24, 2014. National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Programs offers close to 30 different travel options both here and abroad - many of which are open to all curriculums. Deadline to apply for NEH Programs is March 4, 2014.

100 Word Challenge

The 100 Word Challenge is a creative writing project for students 16 years old and below. A prompt is posted once a week. Students write for an authentic purpose and their work is posted on a blog. Even if you do not wish to join, it's a great place to go if you want to see what students around the world are writing. To learn more visit 100 Word Challenge.

The Global iBooks Series: Schools around the World

If you are a 1st grade teacher with a class that would like to publish a book, you have to check out this opportunity to write a few pages with other 1st grade classrooms. The end product will be published to iBooks!

Area and Perimeter Lesson

3rd grade students used spreadsheets in the computer lab in place of a lesson that could have been done in the classroom. Instead of using graph paper and crayons, students used spreadsheets on the computer. They adjusted the cell width and length to make square shaped cells. Using the color fill, students filled in cells to design their name. Students calculated the area and perimeter of their name in sq units.

Instructional Technology Specialist

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