Middle Childhood Health Concerns

Hearing Vision Teeth Obesity


  • awareness of mid-range sounds develop first
  • untreated ear infections cause permanent hearing loss
  • eustachain tube changes position
  • prevents bacteria from moving mouth to ear


  • see object with eyes at same time
  • focus ability improves
  • close-up vision improves
  • nearsightedness is most common problem
  • close-up work increases chances of nearsightedness
  • 25% need vision corrected by end of school


  • children begin losing baby teeth
  • central incisors are first to go
  • by 12 all baby teeth are replaced
  • teeth big at first; facial bones grow
  • may become self-conscious because of appearance
  • decay may occur if poor dental hygiene


  • if weight is 20% more than average
  • impacts emotional health
  • may lack self-esteem
  • inherited or caused by environmental factors
  • behaviors need to change to eliminate problem

By: Samantha Warner