Week 1 Analysis (16/4 - 22/4)

LC Analysis (UPM, UNMC, USM)

Before you begin reading through the analysis, do bear in mind that the conversion rates are based on the P vs G and not the conversion of each processes. We believe you guys will be able to derive them upon reading this newsletter. And yes there is only 6 LCs analysis because they were the only LCs that had activities going on last week with an updated LC Tracker

LC UPM Analysis

The conversion of P vs G for creating Leads is only at 17.34%, 0% for email blasting, 7.72% for cold calling and 0% for Sales Meetings. If you can see there is a total of 3 strategies that was suppose to secure sales meetings which are creating leads, email blasting and also cold calling.

Suggestion from our side is to really identify in these three strategies, which is your strength and put your manpower fully to support either one or two of those strategies. Carrying out three strategies at the same time seems a little overwhelming for your members. You can view it through your tracker. Other than that, I would strongly recommend you to split your manpower into two : a) continuing with creating leads/email blasting ; b) to secure follow up with companies for sales meeting. This is because from your activities last week, you should be able to secure at least 8 company meetings this week.

Mei Chee, do discuss with your team on how to progress further as we can see potential in your LC and considering your members did contribute to the activities last week. We believe that LC UPM can do better in this coming week.

LC UNMC Analysis

UNMC too has quite a huge gap on in their performance this week. The conversion rate for callings is at 28.15%, Meetings at 12.5% and Raises at 8.3%. However, good job for being able to raise even on the first week of the sales campaign itself!

As discussed during the meeting with MCs last Saturday, we will suggest UNMC to divide their manpower to both Raising and Matching due to the amount of current forms available held by the LC. By looking at your projected activity this week, we can see some focus on Matching but we also do suggest for you to convert the 38 callings to at least 5 company meetings for sales. This is so your effort on the last week wont go to waste. It's nice to see that you are constantly doing Matching, but dont forget about your Raising as well. UNMC has the potential and manpower to do so :)

LC USM Analysis

USM has a very clear focus for Week 1. They focused their manpower solely on market segmentation and securing sales meeting. Their conversion for creating leads is 100%!! and the conversion for calls/emails is 60%! Talk about being super focused! **THROWS CONFETTI** Good Job once again for your achievements last week.

Now, back to the game! Since you have created alot of leads and did both cold call and email blasting, those actions should be translated to the amount of sales meeting you guys will be going to this week. You should be able to go for at least 10-15 sales meetings. Oh yes, another suggestion from our side is to separate your email blasting and cold call tracker. You can refer to LC UPM's tracker. This is to ease the analysis process and to identify which strategy is more effective for your LC. Do read LC UPM's suggestions for clarification.

Again, congrats LC USM. We could see that this was a TEAM effort! Congrats to you May Yin! Let's carry on with this spirit for the YOUTH IN PENANG! Now we have to ensure the achievements of last week to be translated into numbers this week.

LC Analysis (UTM, UMP, UUM)

LC UTM Analysis

UTM too did a pretty good job in their first week of the Street Fighter Campaign. Having a total of 66.67% of conversion for contacts, 50% for on-the-spot-meetings, 55% of follow up meetings! This shows that the market in Johor is pretty much open to our Street Fighter sales strategy. Do take full use of this advantage alright?

Now its time to ensure those on-the-spot-meetings and follow up meetings translate to Raises! I know you guys would be quite excited to go for your Street Fighter activities this week but please do not forget about the accounts you have gathered last week. Remember, account management is equally important.

Also something to challenge yourselves further, set a higher goal for getting on-the-spot meetings. But of course, work has to be done to improvise your sales speech to ensure better results for the on-the-spot meetings. Generally, this is going good so far for UTM and keep it up guys! And dont forget to step up your #Manpower this week as its family dayyyy :D

LC UMP Analysis

LC UMP has a conversion of 58.33% of contacts, 0% on-the-spot-meetings, 133% follow up meetings and 0% of Raises. You have actually overachieved in your follow up meetings goals. So yayyyyyy :) One thing to HIGHLIGHT, you have a total of 7 contacts in which translated to 6 follow up meetings. This is something that we could learn from!

As you can see from your statistical analysis, your team is pretty good in converting contacts to follow up meeting but work has to be done to further improve your on-the-spot-meeting numbers. Not forgetting to ensure the 6 follow up meetings do translate to Raises ya. UMP, we challenge you to step up your game by exploring into a different market, e.g : Marketing for Travel Agencies. Oh yes, since this week is Family Day, do increase your #Manpower for this week. Fight harder for the second week UMPians!

LC UUM Analysis

LC UUM has a conversion of 46.67% for contacts, 20% for on-the-spot-meeting, 5% for follow up meeting and 0% for Raises. Something t look at is out of 7 contacts there is only 1 follow up meeting and 2 on-the-spot meeting. Perhaps UUM should look into what are the bottlenecks that are stopping the conversion of contacts to follow up meetings.

Apart from that again, we are hoping those meetings would translate into Raises by this week as well. And in order for a better tracking analysis, please do provide goals for individual members. This can help you further identify members who are performing and sharing of good case practices could be done internally. Hoping to see UUM to come up stronger this week. Dont forget to increase your #Manpower as well girls! :)

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So after reading all of the analysis what are you feeling? Happy, Pumped Up, Wanting to do more? It's awesome if you do have such feelings after going through this newsletter. From our side, its really nice to see the achievements of some LCs this week but also at the same time we do feel that certain LCs could have done better. Anyways there is no point to ponder about last week's activities right?

Moving forward we would like to challenge you to really question yourself and also your team mates these :

'Have I done enough to contribute to the 205 Raises?'

'Am I proud of my achievements/non-achievements last week?'

'What am I going to do better this week for myself, my LC and AIESEC Malaysia?'

Do take some time during your department meeting to ponder upon these questions before setting your weekly goals and focus this week. Let's be more focused this week as it is already the second week of the Mari Kita Sell! campaign.

We are super pumped up. Are you?