Do You Really Know The Millennials?

Not your perception of us, but who we really are...

We Aren't the People You Perceive us to be

We aren't all narcissistic.

Some of us are empathetic.

We may be anxiety ridden, but it's not just because we're worried about missing out.

Most of us are constantly stressed.

We are scared of how everyone views us.

We are supposed to live up to these amazing standards.

Sometimes those standards are really far out of our reach.

A lot of us are hurting and stressed, but still have the strength to fake a smile.

Some of us hold higher standards for ourselves than you have for us.

Most of us can't look in a mirror without seeing something that needs to be fixed.

A lot of us care more about others than we do ourselves.

We are all different, even if it doesn't seem that way.

We accept and understand a lot more than you think.

There are some people that don't though.

Those are the ones that are the cyberbullies and the rumor starters.

Those are the ones that like making others feel like they don't belong.

We are smarter than you perceive us to be.

A lot of us are able to live on our own.

We don't always need your help.

Most of us aren't "too immature" to deal with stuff.

Most of us know when to joke around and when to take things seriously.

It doesn't mean that we are addicted to our phones just because we glance at it.

Most of us don't like this place.

Stop giving us more reasons to want to take the easy way out.

Have you ever thought that we might actually need help?

Maybe we just used to be too scared to tell you, some people are still too scared.

Stop telling us we're over dramatic about everything.

Maybe that's your hint to back off and stop telling us we're not good enough.

You have no idea what is truly going on.

There is a lot that we don't tell you in fear that you might worry.

Stop saying we need to "fix" ourselves.

You have no idea how hard some of us are trying to be society's version of "perfect".

We are doing our best.

So please try to understand.

Try to be as empathetic and understanding as us at least once, for our sake.

Your opinions are no longer "constructive criticism".

We criticize ourselves enough so please stop adding on.

We don't always want to conform to society.

But sometimes that's the only way to survive.

Let us live the way we are living.

We will learn from our mistakes, didn't you learn form yours?

Don't underestimate us.

We're growing up differently than you, but that doesn't mean we're not growing up.

Stop for a second and get to know more of us.

Don't judge a book by its cover, that's what all of you taught us.

Remember the Golden rule? You're the ones that taught that to us too.

Remember all these things next time you go to judge us.

Or next time you get in an argument with us.

Maybe we have an attitude because something bigger is happening in our life.

Try asking before assuming, that's another thing you taught us.

Someof us want you to be our friend for a moment, rather than a parent figure.

Some of us just want you to act like our parent instead of a friend.

We're all different and unique with different stories and personalities.

Welcome to Generation Me.

What do you have to tell us now that you actually know us?

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We Should've Been Taught Differently

We have all these trust issues and people think its ridiculous and that we're "just being overdramatic kids". Well, most of us actually have reasons that would even cause earlier generations to have trust issues. One of the largest conflicts with our generation is that we don't all understand love. Some of us wear our heart on our sleeve, some act as if they just don't love anyone because they're scared of being hurt again, and some act as if they don't even have a heart. We either love too much or not enough. we have this fake sense of hope from what our parents told us when we were little about "pulling pigtails" and such, and the stories and movies with the princess that got the prince or the outcast that got the popular kid. We were taught to focus on the happy ending that involved "finding our other half", but the problem with that is no one told us how many hard times we would have to get through to get there. No one ever told us what was important, we should've been taught that we could have a happy ending on our own, we can be happy without another person being in love with us. If you don't love yourself, then how can you truly love someone else? Usually, in our current society, you can't have a real relationship because you'll almost always get hurt. We have "things", people don't really date anymore. The problem with this is that so many people have "things" and one of them thinks of it as a relationship and the other person thinks of it as they can talk to and do things with anyone else and they'll always have someone who is waiting for them. Basically, monogamy doesn't show up much anymore in any "relationship". We end up with broken hearts, trust issues, and false hope that it'll get better and they'll come back all because we accepted the "love" that we were taught we deserved.
Pretty Hurts/Try/Who You Are (Beyoncé, Colbie Caillat, Jessie J Mash-Up) - Louisa Wendorff
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Technology Gives Us An Advantage

Yes, we like our technology and maybe some of our generation uses it a little too much. What people don't always understand is that it gives us an extreme advantage. We can do stuff that's unfathomable when our parents were our age. We can get ahold of anyone immediately if we need to, no matter where they are. We are connected with our friends at all times. If we are having a hard time or there's an emergency they can be reached in seconds. If we see something that we want to remember and/or share with others, all we have to do is pull out our phone and take a picture or video and post it. The problem is that all the social media out there tells us we're supposed to act and look a certain way, that likes are important because that means people approve of you. This has caused us to be extremely self-conscious and to crave the approval of everyone around us. It makes it so we either reveal our all to the entire world on social media or pretend to be a certain way to fit in and hide who we really are. It even makes a good amount of people extremely self centered and un-empathetic. There are ups and downs for everything, but who knows maybe our knowledge of technology can cure cancer someday. You never know what our generation can bring because we have no specific establishment, all we have is past generations to look up to and the want to improve technology.
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