Google Sketchup Playground Project

Elissa Lindler and Natalie Meeks

Define the Problem

To design a playground set for elementary school kids.

Criteria- make a playground set that is in one piece, six playground elements, kid friendly

Constraints- no less than six elements

Research the Problem

What did you enjoy as a kid?

swing sets, climbing up slides, rock walls, monkey bars, going down slides

What do kids like to play on?

swing sets, climbing ladders/rock walls, monkey bars, tunnels to crawl through, tire swings, tube slides

What do playsets have?

Backyard Discovery Tucson

slide, 2 swings, trapeze bar, picnic table, & rock wall

Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden

2 Swings, slide, acrobat bar, step ladder, & picnic table

Backyard Odyssey Quest Cedar All Cedar

Slide, 2 story clubhouse, ladder, 2 swings, trapeze bar, sandbox, & wind rider glider

Mountaineer with Timber Shield Cedar

Tube slide, rock wall with rope, sandbox, slide, rope ladder, trapeze bar, picnic table, telescope, flag kit, steering wheel, tick-tack-toe, & 2 swings


2 swings, rock wall, rope ladder, slide, monkey bars, & wind rider glider

Possible Solutions

Solution #1
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Solution #2
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Solution #3
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Pugh Chart

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Test and Evaluate

What works and does not work about your design?

-Placing monkey bars onto our playground set was difficult because it does not allow for our design to be as compact as we would of liked.

-The slide and rock wall allow for our design to work wonderful due to the "flow" of our playground set.

Is it safe?

Our design is kid-friendly and generally safe, in which meaning the monkey bars could be a safety hazard if a child did not know how to use them properly. Otherwise, our design is safe and kid-friendly.

How would you sell your design to a company?

We would sell our design by presenting that our playground set is one solid piece, in which can be moved and placed already completed. Also, presenting that our design has 6 different features that would allow for kids to be occupied and safe during the same time.

What are the positives and negatives of your design?

-Positives: one-piece play set, 6 key play elements, kid-friendly, generally safe

-Negatives: monkey bar safety, not more than required play elements, not "baby-friendly"


What changes would you make?

We would change the design of how the monkey bars are placed so that it is a more compact design, add more play elements, and improve safety on the monkey bars.