Travel through train

About train travel in Italy

Italy has always been a favorite destination for travelers from the Americas, due to its historical legacy and his exquisite taste. And also because it is a country that is easy to travel by train.

When traveling alone through the country, always buy first class tickets. Although the second class is quite acceptable in high-speed tilting trains will Frecce north and south of the country, the first class is even better if you just want to enjoy the wonderful views of Italian landscapes. In local and regional services, it is best for you is the first class.

The most frequent routes are from Rome to Florence (with fast and frequent services) and Venice (wonderful views). And it's good to know that if it lands in Rome from North America, Fiumcino Airport is quite far from the city, but is well connected by the train Leonardo da Vinci. You can also address this train with Italy Pass (only first class and uses a single day trip).

As on all trains in Europe, some have the option of free choice of seats, while others require reservations. But there is no worry if you purchased your ticket with Rail Europe. We offer a pre-assigned seat whenever possible. And if not, means you can sit where you like. If you already have a pass and know where you are traveling, we will notify you when you need a pre-assigned seat and we will reserve one.

Italy's railway network is well connected to the rest of Europe: from Milan and Turin, Le Frecce travels through the Alps to Lyon and the TGV arrives in Paris. The incredibly comfortable trains connect Italy with Switzerland (Florence and Venice to Geneva or Zurich are the most popular routes). If traveling at night, go even further: The Elipsos takes you from Milan to Barcelona, %u200B%u200BArtesia connects Rome, Milan, Florence or Venice to Paris. You can also use the CityNightLine, which transports it to different cities of northern Europe. You will rest in a comfortable cabin, well equipped with private bathroom and shower.

Travelling around Italy by train is just wonderful: There's nothing more romantic than a delicious lasagna in the dining car, after leaving Rome. Then go through the fishing villages, admiring as the sun sets in the Mediterranean Sea. A good tip: If you're in Bari, take a fast ferry to Dubrovnic in Croatia and complements your trip to Italy.