By: Marie Lu

One Man Can Change the World- Big Sean

I chose the song One Man Can Change the world for one of my songs because it fits the main character Day's life. He was just a kid that revolted against the capital. He revolted because the capital wasn't fair towards the people that weren't as smart and skilled as the rest of the population. His revolting causes the rest of the capitals people to begin to revolt and start rioting all because of Day.

Me, Myself & I- G-Eazy

For my second song I chose the song Me, Myself & I because Day is the only one that he can fully trust. He is working with the patriots but he never fully trusts them. He is the only one that he can trust because his family is almost all gone except for his little brother that the capital abducted.

I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

For my third song I chose I Will Survive because its a song about perseverance. There is multiple obstacles that Day has to overcome. One of these obstacles is that the capital is trying to hunt him down and kill him. The capital stops at nothing to catch Day and this involves killing Day's family.

Don't Matter- Akon

For my final song I chose Don't Matter because of the love that Day finds for a girl named June. June was a high ranking officer who was sent to capture Day. She was told by the capital that Day killed her brother. When she finds out that Day wasn't the one who killed her brother she helps him escape and joins his side. I chose Don't Matter because in the song he say, "nobody wanna see us together, but it don't matter, cause I got you." This is related to the book because no one would expect these two from completely different rank to fall in love with each other.