Invention Of Industrial Revolution

By Kimberly Gutierrez Gonzalez Per 3


The steamboat had increased the production of factories which led to the growth of cities. The steamboat also moved goods and people faster.

Cotton Gin

The cotton gin made the cotton cleaning process more efficient. Also cotton farmers moved west and the Indians were kicked out and the need for slaves increased.

Interchangeable Parts

Interchangeable parts made repair and assembly more efficient plus increased productivity and efficiency. The gunsmiths used to have to replace entire guns until interchangeable parts changed the system.

Factory System

The factory system made making products cheaper and faster. It also made industrialization rapid. This also made jobs available in cities.

Bessemer Steel Process

The Bessemer Steel process made industrialization process inexpensive. There was also a mass production of steel, and increased steel production. Also the amount of workforce increased.