Pitsco Synergy!


In the session ( session 2 ) i'm in right now we are basically experimenting with a blow dyer and different metals and we are seeing what would be the outcomes when we holded the blow dyer on high blast for 30 and 60 seconds see what would happen. we also made hypothesis and if they were correct or not.

session (1) We worked on a radio I fixed it to where you could hear the music in the different areas and stations. We had to hook it up to this radio wavelengh and seen what would happen if we moved the settings up and down.


the vocabulary list is

1. Acceleration 2.Amplitude 3.Conduction 4.Conductor 5.Convection 6. Electromagnetic spectrum. 7.Frequency 8.Insulator 9.Laser 10.Radiation 11.Reflection 12.Refraction 13.Velocity 14.Visble light spectrum 15.Wavelenght.