Honors U.S. History News Letter

By Mr. Ball, Vol. 1, Issue 9, 1/9/16

What we've done the past few weeks

- Monday, 12/14 - We identified Marcus Garvey as a controversial figure of the 1920s.

- Tuesday, 12/15 - We learned about failure of prohibition.

- Wednesday, 12/16 - We learned about the conflict between traditional values and new thought through out study of the Scopes Monkey Trial.

- Thursday, 12/17 - We described the dominance of the Republican Party in all three branches of the federal government during the 1920s.

- Friday, 12/18 - We took the 1920s test.

- Monday, 12/21 - Wednesday, 12/23 - We conducted a Webquest to understand the culture of the 1920s.

- Monday, 1/4 - Tuesday, 1/5 - We constructed and presented posters comparing 1920s culture to present day culture.

- Wednesday, 1/6 - We discussed consumerism and described how this concept led to the Stock Market crash of 1929.

- Thursday & Friday, 1/7-1/8 - We dove into the causes of the Great Depression through document analysis.

Please ask your student about any and all of these topics. They are experts!

Upcoming Events & Topics

Current Topic

The Great Depression

During this unit we are focusing on the causes of the Great Depression and life during the Great Depression.

Mid-Term Exam

Mid-Term Exams are right around the corner, Tuesday, Jan. 19 - Friday, Jan. 22.

In preparation students will receive their review guide by Tuesday, Jan. 12. We will begin reviewing in class on Wednesday, Jan. 13. The 9th grade team also hosts a "Mid-Term Mania" after school review session for all subject areas. Here is the schedule:

Date Subjects Room #

Tues 1/12 Earth Science N206

Wed 1/13 Health/Phys Ed F124

World Language B102

Thurs 1/14 Math B111-B113

CTE *ask teacher

Fri 1/15 English B103

U.S. History B108

NHD Update

Exploration, Encounter, & Exchange

Students turned in their NHD Outline, yesterday, Friday, January 8. This is an outline of the proposed format of the project. Students must organize their research in a logical sequence that will address the context of their topic and the thesis they are proving. The outline format is on the Canvas page. Students have five different options for their project format:

1. individual or pair exhibit board

2. individual or pair documentary

3. individual or pair web page

4. individual or group performance

5. individual historical research paper

The Final Project is due Thursday, January 28th!

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