The Four Steps to Problem Solving

What you can do at home!


Understanding and Exploring the Problem

  • Ask your child: What are you looking for?
  • Have them tell you about the information they are told
  • Read the problem several times
  • Make sure to look back at the original question
  • Have them put the question in their own words


Find a Strategy that Works for Them (Not You)

  • Have them show you with: pictures, number equations, making a table, or logical reasoning
  • Play around with the information
  • Have them plan their attack for the problem
  • Make sure they keep track of what they are doing in order to find errors


Use a Strategy to Solve the Problem

  • Decide on the strategy
  • Show the process as they work


Look Back and Reflect on the Solution

  • Have them practice checking for errors
  • Ask them: Does the answer you have, answer the problem?
  • Have them try to find another way to solve it