Emily and Kaelin

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There was Native Americans.James Marshall found gold in Sacramenta,that's how the gold rush started.In 1776 San Fransico is founded.In 1906 700 people died at the great Sab Fransico earthquake and fire.In 1955 Dinsney land Opened!In 1990 the population reached 29,760,021 people.In 1969 Richard Nixon was present.


People have jobs as computer workers,factorys workers,aircraft, and spacecraft.You can take a trip to the Alcatraz prison,golden gate bridge,San Diego zoo,universal studios (holly wood,glacier point,Monterey bay aquarium,Ronald Regan presidential library and museum and many more!


In California there are two mountain ranges.California has a deadly desert called Death Valley.California has a forest called the Redwoods,the trees are huge. California is in the western part of the country.

Fun facts

Los Angels is a large city in California! Northern California is snowy.But in Southern California it is warm for the Whole year. California is one of the biggest state in the U.S.A.