The People's Party

"Breaking barriers, building a future."

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  • Teachers should get higher salaries, for all of the hard work and patience they put in for their job.
  • All schools should get paid to have all of the modern day technology to help students learn better.
  • There should be shorter school days for students to have the opportunity to participate in more physical activities.
  • The amount of state testing should be reduced because it doesn't show a student's true IQ and it puts more stress on them, parents, and teachers.

Health Care

  • Good health care should be a security for all Americans, and nobody should go broke just because they are sick.
  • Health care plans will need to offer a sufficient number of specialists and hospitals in their networks to meet the health needs of patients, and to prevent the long waits in health care centers and doctor's offices.
  • Health care plans should not discriminate against those who already have pre-existing medical conditions. Some bills are left unpaid because of their illness or injury, just because they cannot get insurance.
  • The lack of health care also affects children. Uninsured children are more likely to get sick, miss more school, and do more poorly in school than children with insurance. Many children suffer and cannot afford the treatment that will benefit their health and education.

Marriage and Families

  • Every American's freedom to marry the person they love is a fundamental right.
  • People should not be fired from their jobs or not be successfully hired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • There are 500,000 children currently in foster care without parents in the United States. Gay Marriage will allow for thousands of foster children to have loving parents and families.
  • The majority of teenage suicides are being committed because the child was bullied in school as a result of his/her sexual orientation. The acceptance of gay marriage will show that it is accepted and respected in society. Nobody should ever feel the need to take their lives because they are gay.

Gun Control

  • There need to be more strict guidelines on background checks to prevent people from using guns for unnecessary violence.
  • There should be limitations on the type of gun available to our citizens.
  • There will be evaluations on the person's mental health before they can purchase a gun.
  • Applicants must go through a process to check their criminal background.

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