by Jethro Ronald and Dylan

Fantastic Features of the Andes Mountains

The longitude of the Andes Mountains is 70˚ west and the latitude of the Andes is 30˚ south. It is in the Western coast of South America. It is a mountain chain, and it spreads throughout North Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, and of course, Chile! The Andes Mountains contain a lot of volcanoes. The Andes Mountain is one of the biggest barriers. The Andes Mountains is a rural area because the are not a lot of people in this area.

Great Growing

In the lower slopes of the mountain, people grow oranges, cocoa, and coconuts. They probably grow them in Chile since it's so cold in the Andes. Higher up in the mountain, people grow coffee, quinine, rubber, tobacco, pineapple and citrus fruit. Other crops people grow are rice, corn, onion, and sugar cane! So many wonderful crops!

The Wonders Of The Weather

Northern Chile is very hot and really dry. There are prevailing winds in Chile. It is between 30˚ and sometimes it is 40˚ in Southern Chile. Sometimes in the summer it is 75˚ to 83˚. Less than 10 inches of rain and less than 25 cm fall in the Andes mountains. Elevations is below 3,000 feet and has dense green jungles. Spring begins in September, Summer begins in December, Fall begin in March, and Winter begins in June.

Natural Resources in Chile

Chile has many useful natural resources. They include: amazing copper, terrific tin, perfect petroleum, great gold, spectacular silver, tremendous tungsten, awesome antimony, excellent zinc, and lovely lead!

Jolly Jobs

People in Chile have many jobs such as: fishing, farming, handcrafting, helping health care, teaching, banking, helping insurance companies, helping restaurants, and helping hotels. There are so many available occupations!


Some people would think not to live in Chile because we don't like to live in a very cold place for a long time. The climate in this area affects how people live because people who live there need warm coats, since there's so much snow.
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